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"Race in America"


"Remembering 911"

"Domestic Terrorism"

"Expensive Cabs"
Originally commissioned by 
The Washington Post

"Family of Man"

 Meet Dean Rohrer    

New Yorker cartoon: Oct 1994
"Animals of the 90's".
The apparently environmentally-aware 
Glaxo SmithKline requested reprint 
rights to this strip for some sort of 
in-house Beano promotion 

University of Georgia Press: 1994
Book jacket and paperback cover for 
"The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys", 
a novel by the late Chris Fuhrman 
Awarded winning design from Print Magazine's National Competion in 
1994 and was featured in the 1995 
book "Print's Best Typography 2"
The original art for the cover hung 
in a 2002 show at the Georgia 
Museum of Art, "The Art of the Book:
Twenty Years of Art and 
Design from the University of 
Georgia Press"

New Yorker cover: Feb 1999
"Woman of the Year"
Reprinted in The Smithsonian 1999
 and The Independent Magazine 
(UK) 2000.
Appeared in the book "Covering the 
New Yorker: Cutting Edge Covers 
From a Literary Institution", edited 
and designed by Francoise Mouly

Portrait of Eddie George, one of ten 
players I did for a batch of specialty 
cards featured in Fleer and the NFL's "Tradition 2001" Cards

On vacation watercolor:
August 19, 1999



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