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Self Portrait


Margaret Scott

Notes from NewsArt’s second ballerina....

I was born in New Yawk City and grew up for a while in New Jersey.  At 13 I moved with my family to Florence, Italy. That’s when I first noticed that I liked art. We lived there for two years and after high school 
I went to Syracuse University and majored in English. 

After that, my life followed the typical pattern of a freaked out sixties hippie – that story has been told many times and I won’t repeat it.  At some point 
I got married and at another point I got divorced.

I was pretty far along in my life and somewhat lost when I found art one lonely night in my late thirties.  After that all I wanted to do was draw.  
I never imagined that I would be able to make a living at it but after several years I was able to leave the proverbial day job and go out on my own as a freelance artist.  The life of 
a freelance artist is never an easy one, but it is quite wonderful.  Take it from somebody who has had over 50 jobs in her life.

I have done illustration work for almost every association in Washington, D.C. – you name it!  
I have worked for Smithsonian Magazine, UNICEF, Reading is Fundamental, the US Department of Education, just to name a few.  I have illustrated several children’s  books for the American Psychological Association.  I have won a few prizes, but not that many.

I now live in a minimalist apartment in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with my sister Lucy, my nephew Curtis, my cat Donald and my other cat Flashlight. Aside from my obsession with art, I am also obsessed with the Italian language and am constantly paying down-and-out Italian students to talk to me.  It seems my early years in Florence have caught up with me at last! 

Mag in Rome



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