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A GOOD HABIT:  Click NEW DRAWINGS first when you come onto the site and you will see the most recent 15 drawings by each artist... including today's new art.

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You can gather candidates for downloadingfrom a
LIGHTBOX... a simple way to collect drawings in one place to make your final selections easier.


WHEN YOU DRAG AND DROP A SCREEN IMAGE TO YOUR DESKTOP YOU ARE NOT DOWNLOADING. Screen images are scanned at low 72 dpi resolution, too coarse for reproduction.  BUT...when you find a drawing you want to buy, with your password you can DOWNLOAD a clean, sharp, HIGH RESOLUTION tiff or jpeg file of the drawing directly from this website ... or have it intantly E-MAILED or you. 

HOW? Click on the DOWNLOAD button from any page on this site, and follow the instructions.

If you downloaded a TIFF file, the image will show up in your browser window, often with a yellow background.  Select the browser window, and save the file (COM-S or CTRL-S) to your desktop.

(On a PC, The file will arrive on your desktop named .tif.tiff.  Delete the ".tiff")

If you download a JPEG file, the image will appear in your browser window.  Save it to your desktop. 



Are you a publication or business  interested in buying and publishing drawings from NewsArt?  If so, get a password from the PASSWORD page.

Passwords are not issued to individuals, but If you  want a drawing for personal use, email the artist who did the drawing and ask him or her if they will email it to you (ARTIST contact information can be found by clicking on the ARTISTS INFO button at top of the home page.)

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